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It's been awhile since I have updated this stuff. We are going to be meeting up with Hank the photographer at the end of August. Before we do that I need to scan the proofs so I can post. We've been married for over 6 months now already. :D

I miss wedding stuff, but again not really. ;)

Now that we are half way to our year anniversary we have been planning that. So far what we think we are going to do is fly up to San Francisco, rent a car and drive to Napa stay there a few days drive back to SF and stay there the rest of the time. I would rather drive but flying would save time. We have alot more money now to do that.
I'm having fun doing that so we should be having more updates.
Oh yeah, also we should be moving out more like November. I am almost done paying off my credit debt. Wahooo! :)
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