The Good Girl (siralove) wrote in cadenas,
The Good Girl

We received a wedding present this weekend. It was a great surprise! We got one last weekend also, it was a picture frame with a picture from the reception of Rudy and I and a cross stitch of our names and wedding date. It was totally cute.

I've got all the thank you cards finished totally.

I should be receiving my dress preserved today.

As far as the pictures are going. I've picked like 100 of them I like. I don't know what to do because I want all of the them. We originally got 248 so 100 is still less then half. I think I'll be using some tax return money on that.

Another cool thing about my photographer is that we never did our free engagement pictures with him, Rudy and I can still take him up on that offer. I think we will be doing that in a couple months as sort of a newlywed thing. ;)

I also need to return Jill's money pouch purse. I borrowed it for the reception.

Sometimes I still can't believe that the wedding is over. Like it was a dream....

I don't know. :)

Now that it's over with, I need to find something else to do with this LJ.
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