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Today Trish, Jenn and I went and got her a dress. :)

We got this one

It looked very pretty, empire waist, different material then the other girls but never the less the same style. We also got her close toed shoes in her size that are similar to the rest of the girls. It worked out sooooooo perfectly.

Even though Mer won't be there she'll be in our hearts....

Went and got vodka for the drinks and penis jello I also got a couple bottles of champagne. I can't beleive that the bachelorette party is tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning Jenn and I are getting pedicures and our nails filled. At about 4:30 Steph and I are going to go to Jenn's to help decorate a bit and make our penis sugar cookies..haha...Then off to Chili's at 6:30.
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