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3 days. YES 3 DAYS.

I need to do some work. Like writing thank you notes. I got 2 sent out already, I just need to get 3 more sent out. :)

Today we finished up the reservations for crap to do in Vegas, finished the well wish card holder, favor basket and memory candle holder.
We figured out our budget and it looks really good. :)

We had a sticky incident I am sad to say with one of my bridesmaids.... :(
It really sucks but the reasonings behind the situation is more then understandable.... As I mentioned in my personal LJ Trish will be stepping in, she will be an addition, not a replacement.... because replacement sounds bad.

As far as the stuff we set up today, we mad reservations for a fancy Shmancy romantic restaurant that is expensive but on the more reasonable side... the link is here

We decided instead of Cirque de Soliel we are going to see Rita Rudner. We got tickets for the dinner and show for the Medieval Times type thing at the Excaliber , and of course the Mandara Spa. We plan on visiting the World Carnival Buffet at The Rio, per Rudy's request. The rest of the time we plan on breakfast in bed and jacuzzi relaxation!!!

Man, I can't wait.

Thu Jan 16 Mostly Sunny 74°/37° 0 %
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Sat Jan 18 Mostly Sunny 71°/40° 10 %
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Mon Jan 20 Partly Cloudy 64°/40° 10 %
Tue Jan 21 Partly Cloudy 62°/42° 0 %
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