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Jan 16 Partly Cloudy 67°/36° 0 %
Jan 17 Partly Cloudy 68°/37° 0 %

Forecast for the wedding week.

Tomorrow I'll see what the forecast is for the actual day.

Rudy and I got all our thank you's written for our wedding party to go along with their gifts. We also got our banquet manager a little gift.

Got the room all cleaned up tidy, I just need to dust and it's set for the grandparents.

Made appointments for Thursday 1/16 in the early am to get a pedicure and my nails filled, same for Jenn except she needs a new set.

Doing my trial runs for makeup and hair on Saturday and getting my brows waxed, I've probably repeated this but I'm collecting my thoughts.

Sunday I go and get my dress. Eeeeep.

Mom and I need to work on the candle holder, basket and well wish cards....
There's still things to be done and I've been working on this crap for 14 months now. Thank god I started early. I couldn’t imagine planning this in any shorter time span.

I got some paperwork done to make it a bit easier for me to change my name once we return from the honeymoon. Which just reminded me to throw the marriage license in my folder so we have it to get signed...heh.

Talked to Stephanie about carpooling all 7 of us in 2 cars all the time that way we are together! :)

Started packing for the wedding night too that way I am sure to not forget anything.. Alright that's it for now!!
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