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The wedding of Sara & Rudy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The wedding of Sara & Rudy

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[03 Aug 2003|06:48pm]

It's been awhile since I have updated this stuff. We are going to be meeting up with Hank the photographer at the end of August. Before we do that I need to scan the proofs so I can post. We've been married for over 6 months now already. :D

I miss wedding stuff, but again not really. ;)

Now that we are half way to our year anniversary we have been planning that. So far what we think we are going to do is fly up to San Francisco, rent a car and drive to Napa stay there a few days drive back to SF and stay there the rest of the time. I would rather drive but flying would save time. We have alot more money now to do that.
I'm having fun doing that so we should be having more updates.
Oh yeah, also we should be moving out more like November. I am almost done paying off my credit debt. Wahooo! :)
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[04 Jun 2003|11:38pm]

Okay so the wedding picture costs didnt add up to what I had thought. I think I had ballooned the price so much that anything lower then that would seem reasonable. This month it marks 5 months since the wedding and I am procrastinating on the photos. The wedding was wonderful, beautiful and all that jazz and I don't regret it hell sometimes I even miss it, but for the most part I'm done with this. At least for my own! ;)
When I added up the pictures it came to about 500.00 so I suppose I'll ask Rudy if he can call Hank (the photographer) and setup a time when we can meet. I really don't have 500.00 to drop but maybe we can set a date awhile from now especially since it's wedding season and he's probably totally busy.
I'm pissed off at myself for taking so long but what can I say? Shit happens!

Tomorrow I may scan some of his professionals and post them. Maybe. :)

[26 Feb 2003|07:36am]

We received a wedding present this weekend. It was a great surprise! We got one last weekend also, it was a picture frame with a picture from the reception of Rudy and I and a cross stitch of our names and wedding date. It was totally cute.

I've got all the thank you cards finished totally.

I should be receiving my dress preserved today.

As far as the pictures are going. I've picked like 100 of them I like. I don't know what to do because I want all of the them. We originally got 248 so 100 is still less then half. I think I'll be using some tax return money on that.

Another cool thing about my photographer is that we never did our free engagement pictures with him, Rudy and I can still take him up on that offer. I think we will be doing that in a couple months as sort of a newlywed thing. ;)

I also need to return Jill's money pouch purse. I borrowed it for the reception.

Sometimes I still can't believe that the wedding is over. Like it was a dream....

I don't know. :)

Now that it's over with, I need to find something else to do with this LJ.
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[24 Feb 2003|12:33pm]

We got our proofs on Saturday for our wedding pictures. There are so many good ones. Some yucky ones too........ ;)

He took some with the digi cam just for fun so he gave us a whole cd of that.

I've gone through the proofs and there are like 98 I want.

Rudy will go through and see if he likes them too.

Once I get un lazy I'll post some of his digi pics. :)

[09 Feb 2003|03:34pm]

I called around to alot of places about my dress being cleaned. For just the cleaning they all quoted between 70-139$ depending on the dress when they looked at it.

I went to David's Bridal because I remembered seeing something about wedding dress preservation. I found this kit that you purchase and put stickers on your dress where the stains are and put it in a bag and then a box and send it to this place. (Everything comes with and everything is pre-paid) They clean and preserve the gown for you. The box they send it back in has a clear window so you can see the dress. Since I bought the dress at David's I got it for 99.00, I figured that was pretty good considering just the dress cleaning at other places could have been more expensive.

I'm going to drop it off tomorrow at Mail Boxes Etc.

Man, I keep having dreams that the wedding is coming... but when I wake up I remember that it's over...

[29 Jan 2003|03:45pm]

Wooooo. Writing Thank you's, it takes forever!!

I think I have like 15 done.


[27 Jan 2003|06:29pm]


Friends and family we are gathered here together in the midst of a divided and broken world, to witness the marriage of these two people who stand before you in love, in trust and in happiness.
They ask you to bless their coming together and to hold them through the years to come. They ask us to be present with them to rejoice in the union and share in their joy.
They hope that we will sustain them and participate with them in the daily celebrations of the healing and renewing power of the love to which they have for each other.


Reading by Grandma Diana “ The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi”
Reading by Grandma Lois “The Prophet- Kahlil Gibran”

“Sara, today I give myself to you and ask for your tomorrows. I promise to love you more then any one else can, to give you my strength, and ask for yours in return, to help you in good times and in bad, I give you my trust and ask you to accept me as your husband.”

Sara says, “ Yes, I will”

“Rudy, today I promise to love you and keep you all my life. To give you my strength, to stand by you in joy and in sorrow and to ask you to stand by me. I pray that our home will be one of love and understanding, I give you all my trust and all my tomorrows and ask you to accept me as your wife.”

Rudy says, “Yes, I will”

Rudy places ring on Sara’s finger and says,

“I give you this ring as a sign of my love, knowing that love is precious and fragile yet strong and enduring, I give you this sign of our love, an ever present symbol of the vows we have made here this day. I give you this ring as I give you my love.”

Sara places ring on Rudy’s finger and says,

“I give you this ring as a sign of my love, knowing that love is precious and fragile yet strong and enduring, I give you this sign of our love, an ever present symbol of the vows we have made here this day. I give you this ring as I give you my love.”


[18 Jan 2004|12:47am]

Sorry for the cross post

Well, we are back from our honeymoon. We got some of the digi cam pictures from the wedding and I have posted to them in my LJ

Click me for pictures of Sara and Rudy's Day

It was awesome. I wish all of you future brides the best for your special days too. Just remember everything won't go exactly how you have planned even with the most organized of brides, but regardless there is so much love and fun to be had that the day will be perfect anyway.

Even if your florist brings orchids that die quickly instead of stephanotis.
*grits teeth*

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[16 Jan 2003|04:02pm]

Orchids instead of Stephanotis. Boo.

I really don't love orchids but oh well.....

Nails and toes are done. Rudy is off to get the tuxes with the guys. Going to Jenn's in about 15 min, made the cookie dough for the penis cookies. Haha. That's so gross.
Going to make some jello shooters which I should have done last night but at least we will have a few for when we get back. Everyone can have a penis shooter.
I have a big freakin headache though.
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[16 Jan 2003|01:04am]

Oh yeah the shoes we got Trish are similar to these


Only black, which are similar to the ones the girls had...

[16 Jan 2003|12:48am]

Today Trish, Jenn and I went and got her a dress. :)

We got this one

It looked very pretty, empire waist, different material then the other girls but never the less the same style. We also got her close toed shoes in her size that are similar to the rest of the girls. It worked out sooooooo perfectly.

Even though Mer won't be there she'll be in our hearts....

Went and got vodka for the drinks and penis jello shooters...lol.. I also got a couple bottles of champagne. I can't beleive that the bachelorette party is tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning Jenn and I are getting pedicures and our nails filled. At about 4:30 Steph and I are going to go to Jenn's to help decorate a bit and make our penis sugar cookies..haha...Then off to Chili's at 6:30.
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3 days. YES 3 DAYS. [14 Jan 2003|11:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I need to do some work. Like writing thank you notes. I got 2 sent out already, I just need to get 3 more sent out. :)

Today we finished up the reservations for crap to do in Vegas, finished the well wish card holder, favor basket and memory candle holder.
We figured out our budget and it looks really good. :)

We had a sticky incident I am sad to say with one of my bridesmaids.... :(
It really sucks but the reasonings behind the situation is more then understandable.... As I mentioned in my personal LJ Trish will be stepping in, she will be an addition, not a replacement.... because replacement sounds bad.

As far as the stuff we set up today, we mad reservations for a fancy Shmancy romantic restaurant that is expensive but on the more reasonable side... the link is here

We decided instead of Cirque de Soliel we are going to see Rita Rudner. We got tickets for the dinner and show for the Medieval Times type thing at the Excaliber , and of course the Mandara Spa. We plan on visiting the World Carnival Buffet at The Rio, per Rudy's request. The rest of the time we plan on breakfast in bed and jacuzzi relaxation!!!

Man, I can't wait.

Thu Jan 16 Mostly Sunny 74°/37° 0 %
Fri Jan 17 Partly Cloudy / Wind 71°/38° 0 %
Sat Jan 18 Mostly Sunny 71°/40° 10 %
Vegas Weather:
Mon Jan 20 Partly Cloudy 64°/40° 10 %
Tue Jan 21 Partly Cloudy 62°/42° 0 %
Wed Jan 22 Partly Cloudy 63°/42° 0 %
Thu Jan 23 Partly Cloudy 63°/42° 0 %


[12 Jan 2003|01:58am]

Jan 18 Mostly Sunny 72°/40° 10 %

Okay, I know 10% is a really low chance but please!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, one of our groomsmen has pneumonia. :(

[11 Jan 2003|08:39pm]

Jan 16 Partly Cloudy 73°/40° 0 %
Jan 17 Partly Cloudy 70°/40° 0 %
Jan 18 Partly Cloudy 70°/39° 0 %
Jan 19 Partly Cloudy 69°/39° 0 %

[10 Jan 2003|12:27am]

Aromatique Massage
Essential oils have long been valued for their ability to soothe or stimulate. Our French aromatherapy massage techniques, combined with the power of oils, calm the mind and body while bringing radiance to the skin. You choose the essence that's right for you, from relaxing to energizing to detoxifying and more!

French Silkening Body Polish
A delectable crème body polish that smoothes and hydrates to reveal soft and glowing skin. This treatment is topped off with a rich satin moisturizing application.

Man I can't wait for these.......

[09 Jan 2003|03:54pm]

Talked to Boston cousins they are coming on Friday afternoon
Talked to Tennessee crew they are coming in on Thursday, no idea what time.

Boston cousins are renting a car. Wooo smart. I hope the Tennessee crew is too because we have no room for them... There are 9 of them, they wont even fit in one car.

I also talked to all of them about the rehearsal dinner and how I know it's customary to invite out of town guests but I just can't afford it.....
Everyone thankfully seems fine with it...

[09 Jan 2003|03:38am]

Jan 16 Partly Cloudy 67°/40° 0 %
Jan 17 Partly Cloudy 68°/39° 0 %
Jan 18 Partly Cloudy 69°/40° 0 %

Please let it stay like this......hehe

[08 Jan 2003|07:28pm]

Talked to the florist, she said that the grower sees no problems with getting Stephanotis or Black Magic roses. Since I am not using very many of the black magic roses they were able to get them. They start cutting back on growing them because of Valentines Day. Stupid Valentines Day.

Anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

I need to write out a check for her to decorate my cake which comes out to 55 dollars.

That's it for now! I really need to freaking get that stupid contract from Angie so Rudy and I know how much everything is!

[08 Jan 2003|02:58am]

Oh yeah one more thing, Angie still hasn’t sent us our paperwork we don't know our exact totals yet, it bugs!!!!!!!!!!

Same with my florist, I need to know the extra costs!!

[08 Jan 2003|02:54am]

Jan 16 Partly Cloudy 67°/36° 0 %
Jan 17 Partly Cloudy 68°/37° 0 %

Forecast for the wedding week.

Tomorrow I'll see what the forecast is for the actual day.

Rudy and I got all our thank you's written for our wedding party to go along with their gifts. We also got our banquet manager a little gift.

Got the room all cleaned up tidy, I just need to dust and it's set for the grandparents.

Made appointments for Thursday 1/16 in the early am to get a pedicure and my nails filled, same for Jenn except she needs a new set.

Doing my trial runs for makeup and hair on Saturday and getting my brows waxed, I've probably repeated this but I'm collecting my thoughts.

Sunday I go and get my dress. Eeeeep.

Mom and I need to work on the candle holder, basket and well wish cards....
There's still things to be done and I've been working on this crap for 14 months now. Thank god I started early. I couldn’t imagine planning this in any shorter time span.

I got some paperwork done to make it a bit easier for me to change my name once we return from the honeymoon. Which just reminded me to throw the marriage license in my folder so we have it to get signed...heh.

Talked to Stephanie about carpooling all 7 of us in 2 cars all the time that way we are together! :)

Started packing for the wedding night too that way I am sure to not forget anything.. Alright that's it for now!!
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